4×04: The Benefactor still képek & zene

Magic Man – “Every Day”
(Freshmen get off of bus and make weekend plans)
Deeds Plus Thoughts – “The World’s Made Up of This and That (Fatboy Slim Mix)”
(Kira walks down the stairs while the Freshmen watch)
Matt Young – “This Party”
(Kira and Liam ride in the car to the Lake House Party)
Tiësto & Showtek – “Hell Yeah!”
(The hordes of freshman pour inside the Martin lakehouse)
Nifty Trick – “Dub Drop”
(A keg gets delivered to the lake house party)
Megha Maan presents The Trap feat. Trophyy – “#Turn Down For What”
(Violet re-enters party)
Moon & Pollution – “Alter Eagle”
(Mason looks for Liam)
Movement – “Us”
(Scott and Kira slow dance)
Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See”
(Kira looks for Lydia)

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